And the Award goes to… (VIDEO)

Award Bratis at Solent Music Awards

Bratis's gets Solent's Music Award, best producer of the year. Club 1865 Southampton 2017

And the Award goes to Bratis !!!

Yesterday, I had the honour of being nominated for the Solent University Music Awards. I had a great time joining my colleagues from the music scheme at 1865 Club.It was a really neat event, where we all had the opportunity to perform on stage, awesome bands and great DJ’s all together creating a perfect atmosphere.

At the end of the evening, I was so happy to find that I was the winner of the Popular Music Production price for the 1st year graduates. The feeling was even greater, since I was competing against really talented students and because I got the chance to perform my debut song “A Better Me

Overall, it was a great year which ended with a great achievement.

Thank you Solent University, and my entire gratitude to all tutors!

Second year, here I come!!!


Bogdan Bratis

Owner of Bratis Website

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