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Bratis released “A Better Me“, a synth-pop production produced by Bratis.


It was recorded in Southampton Solent University‘s studios and is Bratis’s debut single in the UK. “A Better Me” talks about hope, introspection and the idea of not giving up.  “A Better Me” is Bratis’s debut single in the UK and it involved hours and hours of studio work.  Bratis says “I made countless songs, but all sounded like a demo version to me, I couldn’t make it work, experimenting with different tools in the studio and my desire to learn more ended up to be the key”

How you wrote “A Better Me”? Tell your fans a little more about the song.

I’m still a student at “Southampton Solent University” and I was living in the halls in a small room full of instruments and stuff; I was even sleeping with my keyboard in the same bed. It was nosy most of the time, so late at night I preferred to write songs, I couldn’t sleep. The song came all of a sudden; if I remember well, the chorus came first. When I write songs usually I have no idea about what I am going to write, it is like a jam session. I found some chords and I started developing the song. At that time I had just arrived in the UK, everything was new for me and I was feeling alone, no friends, no family, just me. When I was thinking about the lyrics, I wanted to write about the idea of being far away from home, but I said no!: I will find a better me, I will push myself from the ground!

Have you collaborated with somebody for this release ?

I like making most of things by myself; I think nowadays the music industry is changing in a good way. With all this technology, I don’t need all that expensive gear and fancy studios to make a record. All I need is my trusty Macbook Pro my Headphones and my favourite DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Cubase 9. So I do everything by myself. I enjoy producing songs and I  i I want to mention the support offered by Luzia Kaegy, Alice Penney and Claudia Sauliuc for making the cover picture and Southampton Solent University for the recording studios.

What are your expectations for this song?

As any musician’s dream, I would love to get on the radio. The song is ready for purchase in CD baby store, Spotify, itunes, Amazon, Googleplay and many more. If you’re not a member of my website yet, subscribe here and you’ll get my song for free. The song is doing well on youtube already, so if you want, subscribe to my youtube channel and sing along.

Are you thinking about a new release in the near future?


Of course, this is my passion, this is what I do! I will release more singles this year that in the end will be part of an EP. I can’t stop creating, it’s my addiction!




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