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Based in Southampton, UK, Bratis is a singer, composer, keyboard/piano player, and music producer.

Born on the 15th of September 1996 in Transylvania, northwest of Romania, his pursuit of music formally began when his parents sent him to a music school at 8 years of age.

There he began studying piano, keyboards, guitar, and classical music.  At the same time, he sang and played in different vocal groups, on stages at competitions and festivals around the country. After four years of study, Bratis would later join the first school band, Inedit, taking the role of keyboard player and lead singer.  Unable to afford a keyboard, his teacher lent him an old Roland E68, marking the genesis of his journey in writing his own songs.

Bratis began producing music, working on his first demos in his “studio” with a slow computer, demo software, a computer microphone and his teacher’s keyboard.

Two years later, he moved from singing in school bands, to focus on his vocals, composition and music production. In 2013, Bratis participated in the Romanian X Factor competition, landing the second runner’s up position. This competition gave him the much-needed boost in his uprising career.

After the contest, Bratis started multiple collaborations with renowned Romanian bands and personalities, performing in different TV shows and venues.

In 2015 Bratis moved to the UK wishing to have a wider exposure to the international music industry. During this time he also graduated with a BA degree in Popular Music Production and established multiple contacts with the local music scene. During the university years, he released “Drunk Too”, played on Union Jack Radio.

Recent years found him touring around the UK, playing venues such as: The Joiners, The Talking Heads, Heartbreakers, Railway Inn Winchester, The Rocksteady, Cargo London, Suburbia and many more. Also, working in his music studio based in Southampton, he released his last single “Different”, aired on Voice FM Radio in June 2020.

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