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“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

To Bogdan Bratis Nicolae, music is to his soul what words are to the mind; the form of art that appealed to him from a tender age.

Based in Southampton, United Kingdom, Bogdan but popularly known on stage as Bratis is a talented singer, composer, keyboard and piano player and music producer. Initially, his liking form music was because it was his form of solace, the therapy that he needed for the marginalisation he experienced in primary school. He often found it difficult to integrate with his classmates. Consequently, he ended up loathing the formal method of education, retreating to music and ignoring everything that was not related to it.

Born on the 15th of September 1996 in Satu Mare, northwest of Romania, his pursuit in music formally began when his mother, appreciative of her son’s inclination to music, sent him to a music school at 8 years of age. It is there that he first had a brush with musical instruments; the keyboard and the piano.  At the same time, he embarked on singing and playing in different vocal groups on stages at competitions and festivals around the country. After four years of study, Bratis would later join the first school band, Inedit, taking the role of keyboard player and lead singer.  Unable to afford a keyboard, his teacher lent him an old Roland E68, marking the genesis of his journey in writing his own songs.

On the other hand, Bratis has a liking for computers and softwares, a liking that led his father to buy him a CD with demo softwares and games each week. One day, among the softwares, he came across Mixcraft, the first Digital Audio Workstation. Though similar to ‘Pro Tools’, ‘Cubase’, or ‘Logic’ this was less developed. And with that, another activity was born; music production.  Bratis began producing music, working on his first record demos in his “studio” with a slow computer, demo software, a computer microphone and his teacher’s keyboard and with that, he began to comprehend the mysteries of music production.

At 14 years of age, he started to study classical music, the piano and music theory. Two years later, he made the decision to quit singing in school bands and focus completely on his vocals, composition and music production. In the same year, Bratis participated in the Romanian X Factor competition on 2013, landing second runner’s up position. This competition gave him the much needed boost in his burgeoning career.

Without much activity after the competition, he returned to his native town to complete high school. This period saw him sign a management contract with Paul Popescu with plans to release his first single in conjunction with George Popa, a producer based in Bucharest. The period after the competition saw him travel widely, traversing through his native town and Bucharest, gaining an opportunity to make contracts in the Romanian music industry.

Bratis has been privileged enough to be lead singer in Marfar group, a group established in the early 2000’s. With the group, they would perform pop, rock music.  His membership in the band granted him the opportunity to participate in numerous TV shows and countless performances for almost two years. Interaction with the band members and various other musicians would increase his thirst for music production and  a yearning for an  increase in expertise in the skill.

The year 2015 saw Bratis release “Si noi dansam” (And we dance) through the “Sprint Media Group”. After Marfar, Bratis has also been a keyboard player for Bedda Band, for six months before moving to Southampton in England to study music production at Southapton Solent University.

Currently a solo artist specialising in Pop-synth, EDM, R&B and Dance, Bratis plays venues such as:The Joiners, The Talking Heads, Heartbreakers, Railway Inn Winchester, The Rocksteady, Suburbia and many more. Bratis draws his inspiration from his day by day life, past experiences and views of the world.  In the offing are efforts to produce his first independent extended play. He already released 4 singles : A Better Me (2017), Drunk Too(2017) Liquid (2018) and Loved you as Iove myself (2018).

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