Working in the studio at Southampton University, a new single is about to be released!

Working in the studio at Southampton Solent University

Bratis working in the studio at Southampton Solent University.

Bratis is working hard, for a new release.

After a long break, he is coming back, with a new release a fresh style and new sounds. This song is going to be about hope, unlimited power and change. A Synth Pop Production, with influences from House, R&B, Trap, Dance  and Big Room will be available on all platforms, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes including Bratis’s Official Website.  Bratis is keeping everything as a surprise, so he’s not going to reveal more. The release date is not known yet, so all we have to do now, is to keep on waiting


Bogdan Bratis

Owner of Bratis Website

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